Students recently had the opportunity to tape a broadcast of a “Special Memory” from their attendance at Sacred Heart School. As part of the wide range of activities taking place during Catholic Schools Week, on the national, Archdiocesan and local level, students wrote a short essay on an event that stands out in their memory from their attendance at SHS. The essays were reviewed by their teachers, Mrs. Muller and Sister Mary Janice and three students were chosen to represent SHS at the Archdiocesan Office of Radio and Television in Prospect, CT.
The decision wasn’t an easy one as countless stories brought tears to the eyes of the “judges” as they realized how so many aspects of the students’ school life have deeply touched them, made a lasting impression upon them and how their Catholic education is making such a difference in their lives.
Abby, Natalia and Hannah certainly represented SHS so beautifully and received many wonderful comments on their presentation, poise, self-confidence and on the content of their essays.
Their trip to the station concluded with a private tour by Fr. John Gatzak, executive director of the Archdiocesan Office of Radio and Television, of the set used for Mass and various archdiocesan televised programs.
Their “Special Memories” will be broadcast on WJMJ (88.9 FM) throughout Catholic Schools Week, January 28th – February 3rd.