Students at Sacred Heart had the chance to share their thoughts on why the school was so special to them. Grades 3 through 8 were asked to write a short essay on this topic and two were selected to be read, recorded and broadcast on the Archdiocesan radio station, WJMJ (89.9FM) during Catholic Schools Week.
The task of selecting the winners was a hard job for Mrs. Muller and Sister Janice but in the end, Hannah, grade 6 and Alisten, grade 8 were chosen to represent Sacred Heart School.
The girls gathered at the radio station and quickly felt at home with students from other schools throughout the Archdiocese who were chosen from their schools.
With confidence and poise, they took their place in front of the microphones and shared their stories.
“The question should not be “Why Sacred Heart School is special to me”, said Hannah, “But why is Sacred Heart close to my heart.” Alisten shared her shyness and fear the first day of school in grade 6 when she s at Sacred Heart. That experience was short lived as she began making friends that very first day and “It was one of the best days of my life.”
The experience concluded with praise from Sister Janice for a job “well done” and a short celebration at McDonald’s.