What better way to begin the week of Christian Unity than to celebrate the life, dream and legacy of a truly great person. “Not superman or wonder woman” quoted Ava, president of the Student Council, but a Civil Rights leader and American hero who spent his life promoting peace, justice and unity.
Student Council Officers at Sacred Heart School in New Britain organized a tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. “We wanted the students to know that Monday wasn’t just a day off from school but a chance to honor and pay tribute to someone special who made a difference in our world”, explained Hannah, vice president.
As members of the school family gathered around the display of art projects depicting MLK and his social teachings, each grade and teacher contributed to the program in a number of ways.
Kindergarten students read from their little “Thank You” books depicting various activities in which MLK was involved in his quest for unity. Other students quoted interesting facts about the civil rights leader. “Martin had his first experience of segregation at the young age of six years old when he was told he wasn’t allowed to play with his white friends anymore; his “friend’s” father wouldn’t allow it.” “Seventy seven schools are named after him” and “he entered college at age 15.” Some shared their own promise to make a difference: “…By showing the younger kids the right thing to do” said Simon, grade 3.
As faculty members contributed to a final prayer, students listened attentively to petitions which they could make their own prayer. “We remember with gratitude the witness of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we pray for the courage and determination to follow his example in battling injustice and living the Gospel of love.”
The program concluded with applause and gratitude to our student leadership team for a “job well done” and a final challenge to all present: “What will YOUR contribution to Christian Unity be?”
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” MLK