The gift of Catholic education is not taken for granted at Sacred Heart School. Every day gives our school family the chance to thank God for this priceless treasure which will have its effect on all of us for the rest of our lives. It will provide for our students, the strong foundation on which they will build their future and fulfill their dreams.
Catholic Schools Week provided a special opportunity to celebrate this gift and that’s just what our school family did!
From a special Liturgy to an Open House, SHS began the week together. Throughout the week a variety of activities were planned. “Step Up Day” (when each grade had the opportunity to experience “next year”); a visit by the New Britain Mayor, Erin Stewart; a “Grab & Go” breakfast for the parents and then a luncheon with the students and their parents. No celebration could be complete without some good ol’ competition at which cheers and school spirit abounded as the teachers took to the court for some fun and determination to beat the students at the basketball hoops.
The special week ended with a much deserved reward of peace and relaxation as the faculty made their way to the Immaculate Conception Basilica in Waterbury for an afternoon of Faith Formation with Fr. James Sullivan.