The last day of school at Sacred Heart was not your typical “end of the school year” routine but then, nothing has been since March and the Covid 19 epidemic struck. However, in our true fashion of school spirit and leadership, students, parents and teachers came together to end the year on a memorable note!
Members of our school family gathered for a closing Mass offered by Monsignor Dan with prayers and petitions for God’s blessings over the summer.
Keeping with safety guidelines, students and their parents then lined the school parking lot to exchange library books and school materials for their report cards, yearbooks, achievement awards and recognition gifts for their hard work and efforts.
Flowers and little gifts were plentiful for the principal and teachers who gave so much of themselves to keep the flow a solid academic program and educational achievement possible during these last few months especially.
God’s blessings on all the students, parents and teachers for a safe, enjoyable and restful summer as our SHS family prepares for the next year and our 125th Anniversary!