Sacred Heart School clearly recognizes the learning and cultural differences within the student body. It strives to accommodate children of different backgrounds and abilities within each classroom. The academic program is designed to build confidence in each student and encourage him/her to work and develop the skills necessary to work independently and communicate effectively. Teachers use formal and informal assessments at all grade levels to determine the progress of the students in these areas. Test results from standardized testing show that students are one, two and even three grade levels above national scores.

Our standard-based curriculum follows Archdiocesan guidelines and is aligned with, but not limited to, the common core curriculum.

Daily instruction takes advantage of emerging technology whether it be in the use of computers, iPads or Smart boards. This avenue of learning enables the students to explore content beyond the limits and resources of the classroom as well as utilize strategies for the delivery of relevant information. A newly renovated Media Center provides unlimited access to such materials.

Differentiated instruction is used by classroom teachers to meet individual student needs as well as Title I classes, ELL classes, and after school tutoring and home help.

A foreign language program is also part of the regular curriculum for students in grades K thru 8 as are music, gym and art.

A science lab also provides the opportunity for “hands-on” experiences and creativity and is utilized by students in grades 1 through 8.

Clubs, activities and social events provide for a well-rounded, holistic program by which every child can achieve, excel and succeed with confidence and build self esteem.