The Value of a Catholic Education

Catholic values and beliefs are at the heart of education at Sacred Heart School.  Students’ spiritual lives are enriched by many opportunities for prayer and worship.  The students attend Mass on First Fridays and Holy Days of Obligation. They begin and end each day with prayer as well as intermittently during the day.

Religion is part of the regular daily curriculum.  It is, however, more than a class that is taught; it is a way of life to be lived and participation as altar servers, lectors and choir members is encouraged.

Service to others teaches the students an understanding of and concern for those in the local and global community who need their support.  Our Stewardship Program is a prime example of “giving to others”.

SHS also welcomes children from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds with the understanding that Catholic religion classes are part of the daily curriculum in all grades.

Non-Catholic parents who want an educational curriculum coupled with a Christian ethical code and moral compass are invited to explore what SHS has to offer them and their children.