Your interest in Sacred Heart School is evidence that you are committed to doing the very best you can for your child. SHS provides a wonderful combination of committed educators who are professionals in their educational specialties and, at the same time, are experienced in fostering the development of the total child.  Many of our teachers are graduates of Sacred Heart School themselves and have sent their own children here. Many SHS alumni continue to send their children here because each child is given an education marked by excellence in learning and is regarded as an individual with special gifts, talents, and abilities.

Whether your child is a three- or four-year old ready for Pre-kindergarten, a five-year-old looking forward to Kindergarten, or an older child who wants a friendly, family atmosphere for learning, you will want to look at all that Sacred Heart has to offer.

  • First and foremost, SHS provides daily opportunities to live and learn our faith while fostering and affirming  solid moral and family values.
  • The curriculum provides a strong foundation in the basics and builds academic enrichment through special activities and programs.
  • Leadership is fostered through classroom and school responsibilities, service projects, student government, and other age-appropriate activities.
  • Service to the school and the wider community give children a sense of using their talents to help others.
  • Parental involvement is encouraged.
  • The challenging curriculum encourages eager students to do their best and provides reluctant learners with safety  nets to ensure a positive educational experience for each child.  The strength of the curriculum is evident in the results of standardized IOWA tests that show students consistently scoring above the norm for their grade levels.