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serious reverse and allow me to do a machine replica watches police answers in coming, you okay hi guys and welcome to today's show today we are finally reviewing this very special citizen pro master diver this is quite a special watch with a very unique history behind it but before we get into the review I've got to give a quick shout out to my good friends who put this watched all together it got sent around the whole of the United States a

whole group of dedicated and very gracious members of the Facebook group and supporters at the channel all put down a little bit of money together to share their experience of the watch so it's quite special that today I finally get to review it so I got to give a quick shout out to my good friend Robert in Michigan Jeremy down in Louisiana Jordan in Florida Mark in California Jared in Washington also Paola in Washington as well Riley in Idaho John in Montreal and back to me here in New York City so it's been on quite a journey so let's change perspectives now and finally have a closer look at this very unique piece today I am reviewing the

Citizen Promaster NY zero zero four zero and this of course is a very iconic and quite legendary diving watch from Citizen this of course is from the watch talk that was initiated by my good friend Robert so of course I've got to thank Robert and everybody who took part in the watch tour it wasn't for you guys this wouldn't be happening so I really got to thank you and it's a watch that I've really come to love and cherish to be honest it's something quite unique and certainly punches way above its weight and could even give the legendary skx at this entry-level price range a run for its money so let's take a closer look first of all let's get the dimensions out of the way first we just get the calipers now of course I was sellotape on the ends as I always say so you don't have to worry we've got a diameter there of about 41 a little bit millimeters they say it's a 42 but to be honest it weighs a lot smaller we got a thickness of just over 12 millimeters they're going from lug to lug we're looking at 47 and then the lug width is 20 so the size is actually quite small and it does wear small we'll do a shot in just a moment it's a lot more compact than the SK X and the whole way through I'm going to be making comparisons to the SK it was really that sk x is the king at this price range in fact i will be doing the dual between this and the sk x very very soon so stay tuned for that so obviously we've got an entirely stainless steel case matted on the top the bezel itself is brushed with this

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quite unique grip immediately sets it apart from your rolex replica watches typical diver and of course the most unusual thing and probably it's a little most quirky feature is we have the crown at the eight o'clock the bezel is a unidirectional typical diving bezel it's 60 click it really is the action you know it's a little bit very stuttering but it has no play whatsoever so even though it doesn't is not the most refined feeling it's extremely solid also lines up beautifully obviously we've got a little bit bezel insert there it's quite small and nicely protected by the bezel as well so quite difficult to actually damage we've got a loom pit at the 12 o'clock this particular watch was released in 1997 and why is it so legendary well it's got to do with its past it was actually it was adopted by the Italian Navy used for over 10 years by the marina minute a day from about the 90s to the mid-2000s they actually have quite a stringent specifications and testing routine for watches that they adopt obviously because it's for for the military and people's lives are depending on these and these watches they actually pressure tested this watch down to 500 metres and it passed so it actually performs even better

than than what it states on the dial now this is an iso certified diver and gets a lot of respect in the diving watch community obviously we've got everything we've come to expect in the diver these lovely big luminous and Marcus this is c3 super-luminova of course very very readable in fact let's just switch to a lung shop right now as you can see really outstanding loon very equally applied all extremely responsive really nice wide application very easy to distinguish the two hands the hour and the minutes and then we have a counterbalance on the seconds which kind of acts as the seconds in Reverse and you can actually see the seconds kind of silhouetted as they pass the big nice generous applied Marcus so really outstanding bloom and the PIP as well at the 12 o'clock is nice and responsive too anyway guys that's the loom shot let's think about to studio so as you can see really good loom probably not as bright as a Seiko in this price range but it lasts

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fairly well let's have a close-up at the dial we have this very beautifully applied markers that have a nice chromed edges to them very very nicely done I've never seen hands like it and the shape of them are very easy to differentiate second hand is this extremely thin arrow there we got the day and date complication at 3 o'clock beautifully framed him negative the dial is a kind of glossy black and I really like the way catches the light I like the way the inner chapter ring is also not too big something that I kind of find a little bit overbearing in the in the skx it's probably one of my only negatives I prefer the more subtle chapter ring the citizen I really like the dial I think the dial works incredibly well the indices there yeah they're a little bit dated with this kind of nineties transformer s can look but it's not at the same time it's not so dated that it looks terrible it's just a it's just a little bit weird that's all you know but again it's quite charming he sets it's very unique divers water-resistant and son in red which is a nice little pop of color and then just underneath it's a

citizen automatic we have the red arrow logo indicating it's the Promaster funnily enough there is it's not signed on the con the screw down crown here usually we'd promised as you'd see the promise the logo repeated on the crown but I think at this entry-level they've they cut a little bit down on the cost they're actually I quite like the crown as it is it has this kind of concave shape to it funny actually quite appealing the only difference between this for the civilian market and of course the one for the eternal Navy is the Italian Navy one they took away so it's an automatic and they had the words marina and maybe daddy on it so you wouldn't have had citizen on the dark that's the only difference the movement everything else about the watch it's exactly the same apart from that print on the dial so basically you are getting the same watch they would would

have got in the military which I think really adds a ton of cool factor to it adds an appeal to it adds a bit of heritage when watches achieve these kind of things the adds to their history adds to their character it's been used but by professionals it gets extra respect because it's been proven professionally to deliver and you know especially in a military capacity where the lives depend on it it's it's worthy of respect we just have a quick look at the back screw down case back again Promaster just very plainly itched on to the to the back there nothing fancy which is what you come to expect doesn't have a deep engraving like the beautiful tsunami wave of the skx but to be honest this is a tour watch it's not supposed to be a work of art the glass itself is a mineral crystal it sits beautifully flush doesn't spit rude at all I'm not sure how it compares to the skx or other mineral crystals - hard Luck's that it's safely used certainly is a bit tougher but at this price range you can't really expect the Sapphire I think the mineral crystal is absolutely fine to be honest so let's talk a little bit

about the movement now having the crown at 8 o'clock does change the behavior and feel of this watch quite dramatically when you unscrew it you actually unscrewing it the other way around because it's not wet traditionally rolex replica watches on this side so it's everything is upside down so when you unscrew it pops out now inside you have the melter 8 to 0-3 a movement which is a very reliable well respected movement from citizen it was first introduced the the a 8200 series was first introduced in 1977 and is still going strong stupa trees to this day and is an extremely reliable robust movement you've got parish rock protection in there too 21 jul 2015 22 your head around the first time you use it but at least you have hand winding it which is quite quite a cool thing at this price range put it to the first position to set the day and the date and then finally pull it all that way out to set the time now it's non hacking so it's not a big disappointment but you're not especially at this price range this particular movement you'll see by the seconds hands it's it's kind of stutter stuttering that's because

it operates at 20 1600 beats per hour now the disadvantage is you a bit of a stuttering hand there but the advantages there's less actual wear and tear on their components of the movement so it lends for a more reliable longer-lasting movement so when you screw it back in you actually have to screw down clockwise which is it's a little bit difficult to do I'm not fond of the threading on this it's it's not the most especially the gloves on there you go and finally get it in it's a little bit phonetically and also the crown is quite small how does it wear let's let's let's do a quick wrist shot okay so here we are having a look on my tiny little wrist and I gotta say it's extremely comfortable I'm a little bit eccentric and I tend to wear two watches so when you're wearing it on your right side it actually makes the crown quite accessible and easy you can actually unscrew it and all your business with the watch still on which is really cool I must point out that the crown does not protrude too

much so it doesn't really matter if you wear it on your left obviously the crown is gonna be on the other side so there's no issues there whatsoever I've put it on this NATO strap because what you guys know I love the native stretch when you buy it comes on the rubber strap now it is worth to point out there are several versions of this particular citizen there is a blue dial version which is very difficult to get stunning kind of sunburst blue dial I really love that version and if I could I would buy as well they are hard to find and there's also a kind of cream luminescent dial version with the indices negative so that the loom is actually the entire dial is the luminescent which is really really cool but those are very hard to get they come on these rubber straps that have lovely compression limits printed on the strap which is really really cool just you know if you're a diver it's obviously gonna be more useful to you the rubber is actually quite supple it's definitely better than the Seiko rubber strap there's no signing on the buckle anything fancy like that it's just you know no for rubbish

wrap it really comes to life when you fit this on a NATO strap it because of the black dial and bezel it pretty much goes with anything very very comfortable wears incredibly well because it's got quite a low profile the lugs kind of curved so you know even on the rubber strap it is extremely comfortable and I've got to say for the smaller wrist it weighs like a 40-minute it really does wear a hell of a lot smaller it's definitely much more comfortable than an SK X so let's just summarize the watch what are the negatives and the positives of the watch well we'll start with a negatives the threading of the crown is it a little bit finicky to use I also I think the design generally is a little bit dated it's it's very much product of its day it's got the kind of 90s look about it I can't exactly explain it not really negative I mean it's kind of charming I think the Seiko has a more classic design that is a bit more longer-lasting this is very much in the 90s I mean the indices this these peculiar

shapes it is very nineties there's something 90s about it having said that it has aged well and it certainly got its own charm and character also the hand winding being upside down you kind of forget about it and you you you end up winding it the wrong way that just takes a bit of getting used to the actual bezel some people don't like this look but I got to say the the way they've done the grip on the bezel is actually quite good I find it I find it very very easy to use and actually I prefer it to the bezel on this skx okay so what are the positives well you're getting an iconic dive watch with a real history to it with pedigree that is respected by the pros its ISO certified it's got a unique design it's unlike anything out there I think the crown of this positions it certainly

makes it more more unique and I think unique is definitely the word to describe it is unlike anything and I think at this price point all the features are just unbelievable will it not for the skx off its number one spot in this price range I think it'll come close we're gonna do a jewel will really break it down I think it might possibly be the skx killer it really might might be I mean with stay tuned we'll do the jewel I'm still getting to know this piece you know I know there's s character very very well I've known that watch for decades I'm still very much in the honeymoon period with this watch it's a watch that grows on you it definitely grows on you it's got its own personality that takes a while to really appreciate it's also perfect for the smaller wrist and at the same time I think will work with larger wrists as well okay now before I go I'll just do a quick size comparison to the SKS so you can see them they're mortal enemies it'd be really interesting to see these two go head-to-head I can't wait so anyways stay tuned for that finally we should just address its accuracy obviously

it's an entry-level piece so we can't expect you know chronometer great standards but we're looking you know I'm getting about plus 12 seconds a day something around there which is perfectly acceptable and absolutely fine at this price range extremely easy and affordable to maintain anyway guys I'm gonna leave it there let's take it back to the studio okay welcome back guys now as you can see it is a real outstanding watch for the money punches way above its way I absolutely adore it I think it's well I'm never gonna get rid of this this is permanently

gonna stay in my own collection I'm just so thankful e to you guys everybody who put this together thank you so much hopefully I've done you guys justice with this review but also stay tuned for the full jewel against the legendary skx is the little citizen gonna take the crown away from the skx it will be very interesting to see so guys I'm gonna leave it there thank you Thank You NYPD Thank You NYPD are obviously they obviously enjoy the watch sir [Music] I have no idea what's going on but something's going on anyway guys I have to leave it there it's another hectic day here in New York City anyway guys thank you very very much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it find it useful and as always guys I'll catch you in the next one okay ciao